Newborn Photography

Newborn photography documents the beginning of your baby’s journey. Newborn photography captures the emotion and connection to your tiny little newborn baby in their first days. These early days are something you have never experienced before, and they will never be the same.  From crawling, to sitting, to standing and taking their first steps, Newborn photography will capture them as they grow. Besides, Babies change so much in the first year of life, and they will grow very quickly! Newborn photography helps to give you peace of mind, ensuring that you are able to document & capture their most precious moments, which will become a timeless investment.

7 days old newborn photography

7 days old newborn

As your newborn photographer, we can tell you that a newborn photography session will be the first milestone in your baby’s extraordinary life! We want to help tell the story of your family, and capture the new-found love you have for your little one. Pictures last forever and are a priceless investment, which will capture their unique moments that will never be repeated again.

newborn photography with siblings

photo with siblings

It is best to hire a newborn photographer immediately after your newborns birth, when they are between few days old. At this time, your baby is still used to being in the womb, allowing us to position them into sweet and curly poses. After few days, they become more alert, lighter sleepers, and baby acne starts to set in.

Newborn photography images can be captured at any stage. However, you should know that once they grow past this “new” stage, we may not be able to entice them into all of the curly poses. Just like any photography session our main goal is to encourage you to be as relaxed and confident as possible. As stress can effect your newborn baby’s session, because newborn babies are very sensitive. Remember to take it easy, as your newborn photographers we will ensure that we will capture your newborn babies most precious moments.

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Newborn photography best done before 14 days old. Book your session tentatively on your EDD.

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